1955 HS alumni:  daurril reflections


daurril 10/27/02:  For those of you who may be interested, last night I posted a final version of the poster referring to your reunion in 2002.  Information pertaining to that poster follows, presently without further comment.  You may find herein, however, at least two reasons for my non-attendance.  One of these has to do with the persistent and curious misuse of this your heretofore faithful servant.



From: Joe J Daurril <jdaurril@juno.com>

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Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 10:41:03 -0500

Subject: Fabulous Fifties

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I've just found time to do a little housekeeping on my site, and incidentally created a page I hope may be useful to you all describing your reunion, at www.geocities.com/wellshigh1955/fab_fifties/.  You are welcome to create links to it at your convenience:  please advise me if there are any corrections, improvements, or updates.


Joe D



From: "Don Stunoff" <dstunoff@pinnaclerisk.com>

To: <jdaurril@juno.com>

Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 08:54:02 -0700

Subject: Re: Fabulous Fifties

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Excellent job Joe.  You did good!!!  Your friend in perpetuity, Don.



From: "Rosemarie and Bernie Dalton" <bernard@hondutel.hn>

To: "Joe J Daurril" <jdaurril@juno.com>

Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 11:05:51 -0600

Subject: Nice page

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Hi Joe,


    Sorry I haven't gotten around to writing lately.  Things here have been sort of crazy and a little hectic.  I am hoping I will be able to play catch up next week on all the letters I haven't answered.  A delay in answering is not my normal pattern as most would tell you. 


    Basically I wanted to let you know I did visit your page and really appreciate all the information about the reunion that was available there.  Now all I have to do is have my daughter send in a couple of checks so I won't be left out.


    Thanks for thinking of those of us who don't receive regular mail.  Take care....talk to you later.





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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 07:46:04 -0500

Subject: Decade Announcement (ship 2)

Message-ID: <20020209.074609.-625879.1.jdaurril@juno.com>


Memo to us:


There is a new website that advertises our class reunion, and that location (which has changed since yesterday) is www.geocities.com/wellshigh1955/decade/.  The name was changed because including "fab_fifties" in a line built on underscores was somewhat confusing to folks trying to key it in by hand (yes, there would be). 


I do appreciate the two responses (both favorable) to yesterday AM's publication - in fact I think the site has much improved since then.  One note mentioned she did not even receive a mailed announcement, and is rushing her money to the committee as we speak.  So, there being apparently no other notice of it, I am spreading the word to a larger audience.  (In 2 parts because my free Juno will not ship to the whole list at once.)



From: daniel chappelle <gackaaa@yahoo.com>

To: 55 Joe Johnson Daurril <jdaurril@juno.com>

Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 08:55:50 -0800 (PST)

Subject: Your "new" website

Message-ID: <20020209165550.1220.qmail@web11102.mail.yahoo.com>


Hi, I just wanted to say I liked your "Reunion" website, and it was very nice of you to do that.  The map is great for those of us who have been gone from Chicago a long time.  That was very thoughtful of you.


Thanks.  See 'ya in Oct. Regards, Marianne (Emody) Chappelle



From: Glodi1@aol.com

To: jdaurril@juno.com

Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 14:43:06 EST

Subject: Re: Decade Announcement (ship 1)

Message-ID: <6a.1ae05f74.2996d5ca@aol.com>


Hi Joe -- Thank you for all your help.  We certainly appreciate it.  We want to be able to contact as many Wells classmates as possible and since you are so computer savvy, your help is much appreciated.


So far we have 224 classmates that are going to attend and have already sent their money in.  They are coming from all over USA including Hawaii.  It will be good to so them all.


Thank you for your help again -- it is greatly appreciated. 


I hope that you will also attend and see some of your neighborhood friends again.  I would love to meet you.





From: Lmnk75@cs.com

To: jdaurril@juno.com

Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 18:09:20 EST

Subject: Re: Decade Announcement (ship 2)

Message-ID: <e4.227ebeaf.299857a0@cs.com>


In a message dated 2/9/02 7:47:08 AM Eastern Standard Time, jdaurril@juno.com



> www.geocities.com/wellshigh1955/decade/. 


Thanks for the info. I, too, didn't hear anything from anyone and now will email Marie to tell her I will be sending my reservation in the mail pronto. 


Lorraine (42) Lathouwers Kobierecki



From: Joe J Daurril <jdaurril@juno.com>

To: NANI304@msn.com

Cc: MARYLOUC_@excite.com, jdaurril@juno.com

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:47:30 -0500

Subject: Decade

Message-ID: <20020211.094841.-552895.1.jdaurril@juno.com>




I do apologize for being in broadcast mode with Wells most of the time, so am sending at least this one nearly personal note to you about my Decade page.  I went over to the Delphi page last night thinking I might

post some small inconspicuous message containing a link to Decade, and there someone already has me in the lead story.  I do appreciate that gesture, and have cross linked Decade back to Delphi. 


You should know however that again I only do things the way I say that I do them (like why I gave up on last year's reunion).  In this case I did not create Decade to compete with anything posted at Delphi, because I had really stopped looking at Delphi and never knew about your notice there.  (That being no special exception: I also do not watch the O'Reilly show, nor watch broadcast news.)   I was, as I mentioned, only cleaning house and found these papers in my hand, and needed to do something with them: so I scanned them and did some cosmetics just for the fun of it.  So it was also only by pure happenstance that I got to enjoy my "official" credit, which only goes to prove I live most of my life in an attic.


I do thank you all for that inspiration; for a "quickie" I am rather pleased with Decade myself.  And I am still working on a way to attend the project of all our affection.  Thus time I will not say anything till I know I can accomplish it, but do keep a spot for me.


Joe D.



From: "Marie Zavoli" <NANI304@msn.com>

To: "Joe J Daurril" <jdaurril@juno.com>

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:12:48 -0600

Subject: Re: Decade

Message-ID: <OE109nRMWuLn5U9T3TG000108dd@hotmail.com>


Hello Joe:  I just got back from Mexico and right now I am busy cleaning up my mailbox...Wow, I cannot believe all the junk mail there, and it will take a day to clean up. 


Of course I was happy to see your e-mail and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for posting the reunion info on that Decade site.  Some people you have sent it to have contacted me to ask what it was about.  I told them to visit the site, that they might find it enjoyable and enlightening.


Also, I do hope you will find a way to attend the reunion, Joe.







From: Joe J Daurril <jdaurril@juno.com>

To: NANI304@msn.com

Cc: Glodi1@aol.com,MARYLOUC_@excite.com

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:32:27 -0500

Subject: Decade Website.

Message-ID: <20020313.173231.-182159.0.jdaurril@juno.com>




Thank you for today's  Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:06:50 -0600 e-mail.  There is some chance Reunion attendance would further improve if  we published a list of who all have already committed to it: I would gladly append that

information to my present page.   You may indicate on the list whether each person is either alumni per se (by perhaps the year / semester) or by the name of whose guest they are.  Also which table, if these are reserved.


I would truly attend if I could afford it:  we are talking at least $500 to show up there for one day naked, and anything more is extra.  If I had any pretext for making money in Chicago in order to be in place before

the event, that of course would be perfect.  But whether I go there or entertain visitors here, I have had nothing but my small pension income for almost two entire years now and there are limits to how thrifty I can be.


Nonetheless, if anything breaks by May I will let you know;


Your friend,





From: "Marie Zavoli" <NANI304@msn.com>

To: "Joe J Daurril" <jdaurril@juno.com>

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 22:08:38 -0600

Subject: Re: Decade Website.

Message-ID: <OE529lcQt6SntxdOGCJ0000a62e@hotmail.com>


Hi Joe: 


Thank you so much for offering to publish the reservation list.  We certainly can do that, if you would be so kind.   I can ask Art to scan the list to you, (my scanner is not working)  however, we are not listing people by years, only alphabetically, to enable us to find someone relatively easy, should there be an inquiry.  Do you think you want to do that now, before we have all the names?  Let me know.


I realize the expense of the reunion is great for someone who is coming from out of town, Joe.  The only pat answer I have given to people in that situation is as follows:    "This is a once in a lifetime occasion...it is very doubtful that any of us will ever see another of this magnitude again, or another celebrating  the next 50 years". 


 I am going to send you a copy of an e-mail I received from Nanette Winnicki, who is the sister of Nancy Winnicki, from our 1955 class. Nanette is a survivor of breast cancer.   Nancy always had a dry sense of humor, as does her sister Nanette, I found.


I think their words speak for a lot of us, Joe.  I believe that  I would collect pop bottles, (do they still do that?)   trade them in for their deposits, just to raise enough money to come to this, that is how badly I desire to see all the old friends and classmates.  I hope I will live to do that.  I have learned of so many who didn't make it.


Anyway, I hope it works out for you and that you can attend.  It would be a pleasure to see you again.  By the way, there will not be reserved seating, unless there is a party of l0 who want to reserve a specific table.  We would work with that.  It would be too difficult to decide who would want to sit with whom.


Okay Joe, I will be forwarding those e-mails providing that I saved them in my archived mail.  I hope you enjoy reading them...There are two.


Your friend,





From: Joe J Daurril

Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 5:07 AM

To: NANI304@msn.com

Cc: Glodi1@aol.com; MARYLOUC_@excite.com

Subject: Re: Decade Website.




Its always a little unnatural for me to think of a list that exists on paper before it is in a computer, but I do appreciate the scanning which will be far more efficient handling for all of us.  Sooner or later you will want the list as I described, but you may certainly send whatever you have as soon as you have it.  I would suggest once in the computer you might shape it as I suggested, even if you're only using Notepad: just tab out to some new columns and fill 'em in.  And resend it.  I can sort the list here and publish it both ways, and also ship the sorted version back to you. 


On the attending, I think I will trust the Universe to get me there before I will go to aluminum.  That has worked before.







From: "Marie Zavoli" <NANI304@msn.com>

To: "Joe J Daurril" <jdaurril@juno.com>

Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 06:30:05 -0600

Subject: Re: Decade Website.

Message-ID: <OE105lhWgkhU8mPbsOJ0002731f@hotmail.com>


Hi Joe: How shallow of me!  It never occured to me that just because I didn't have the list on my computer, that one didn't exist.


 We, on the committee, have different responsibilities.  I have the complete mailing list on my computer, and responsible for  keeping  it up dated.  Gloria, who retrieves the mail from the Post Office, has the list of responses on hers. 


Since Gloria furnishes the committee members with hard copies of the list at each meeting, my feeble, old, mind didn't even think about that.  I was so excited about your offer to post it, that I didn't think that deep.  I only thought of my copy and how to get it to you.


I will ask Gloria to e-mail the response list to you as an attachment, is that okay?


Thanks again, Joe...




P.S.  I will also say a little prayer that God will give you a way to get here.  Hope it works.  I will ask St. Francis Cabrini, she has gone to bat for me before.



From: Glodi1@aol.com

To: jdaurril@juno.com

Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 15:14:42 EST

Subject: Re: Decade Website.

Message-ID: <123.d5e7fbc.29c501b2@aol.com>


Hi Joe -- thanks for keeping me abreast of your email with Marie.


I'm the keeper of the attendees list but am not very PC savvy.  I use the PC as a typewriter.  I would like to send you the list minus the addresses by snail mail.  I don't know how to forward anything by email.  I can only do research on the PC and email.  I am very limited.


You can either walk me through this forwarding or give me your address and I will mail you the list. 


I sure hope you can come to the reunion .  I will pray to the keeper of the Universe to show you the way to get here.


Let me know how you want me to forward the list.


I was in Tampa for ten days in January, I wish I would have been emailing with you then, we could have done lunch.


See ya – Gloria



From: Glodi1@aol.com

To: jdaurril@juno.com

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 18:51:49 EST

Subject: Re: Decade Website

Message-ID: <16c.aa3b320.29ca7a95@aol.com>


Hi Joe -- Today I sent you the attendee reunion list by snail mail to post on your website. I only sent the names with no other info.  Please post them at your leisure.


I was afraid to send them by email for the fear of losing the entire file.  I really and truly don't know what I'm doing on this thing.


As of today we have 283 attending.


When you get my list, please post the following.  They are not on the list:


Dalton, Rosemarie Meech

Loise,  Mary Yacullo

Raimondo, Salvatore


Thank you for all your help.  We are all grateful to you.


See Ya,





From: Glodi1@aol.com

To: jdaurril@juno.com

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 16:39:33 EST

Subject: Reunion

Message-ID: <165.abe03ea.29d39615@aol.com>


Hi Joe - You are wonderful -- I saw your website with all the names on it.  Thank you for your prompt service.  Marie walked me through it so I was able to view it.  You know, I'm PC illiterate.


As of today we have 290 attending and here are some additional names to add to your list.


Guerino, James

Kay Beatrice

LaMantia, Jo Ann Pollina

Rychtanek, Mary Kakaletris

Rychtanek, Michael

Valentine, Jerome


Again you are great and we all sure appreciate it.





From: Glodi1@aol.com

To: jdaurril@juno.com, chriskowalski@prodigy.net

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 22:15:01 EDT

Subject: Reunion attendees

Message-ID: <1ac.83c143.29e64ba5@aol.com>


Hi Joe/Chris -- As of today's mail we have 299 attendees for the reunion.


Please update your list with the following names:


James Johnson

Beverly Lutz Venuso

Marie Arena Szarzak

Fred/Sandra Teren


Have a great weekend and thank you very much for all your help.





From: Joe J Daurril <jdaurril@juno.com>

To: NANI304@msn.com

Cc: Glodi1@aol.com,Bernard@hondutel.hn,caroline_harvey920@hotmail.com,






Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 11:46:11 -0400

Subject: Copying and republishing pages from my website

Message-ID: <20020411.114612.-659531.1.jdaurril@juno.com>


Unfortunately, I only noticed the CDROZDOWSKI Mar-31 9:07 am http://forums.delphiforums.com/FabFifties1/messages?msg=368.5 wells_list.doc after I posted my completely revised list for 4/10, so I may have lost that to Chris as well.  But no more.  Thank you Marie for

seeding my Decade Reflections in first quarter 2002: I do not have time to elaborate those for you now but you may be assured I will. 


Forget (spelled f-o-r-g-e-t rather than otherwise) the Love,


Joe D.



From: "Marie Zavoli" <NANI304@msn.com>

To: "Joe J Daurril" <jdaurril@juno.com>

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 18:45:12 -0500

Subject: Re: Copying and republishing pages from my website

Message-ID: <OE1482pMh4Nfxh6D0sI00016e70@hotmail.com>


Dear Joe:  Forgive me, but I am lost...am I detecting some hard feelings in your note?  I don't have quite the command of the English language that you do, so maybe I am misinterpreting some of the meaning here. 


Do I read you to say that you will not be updating the revised list on your web site?  Please straighten me out on this, Joe, since I have been directing all quiries  to your web site.  If it is no longer going to have updated information, I need to know that. Please tell me if there is any problem Joe.  I care.


Your friend,





From: Glodi1@aol.com

To: jdaurril@juno.com

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 22:14:11 EDT

Subject: Re: Copying and republishing pages from my website

Message-ID: <189.6480774.29e79cf3@aol.com>


Ok Joe what the heck are you talking about -- this is all Greek to me.


Nonetheless, I will be sending you all my updates.


Have a great weekend Joe