Lycée de puits (et d'autres):  Salutations De Yuletide
A very merry Christmas and prayerful 2002 to all:
To my newest friends and oldest acquaintances, from grammar school and thru
high school and barely beyond, from my many workplaces and hobbies and diversions,
my efforts and pretensions (both high and low, secular and religious - in that order)
I applaud your patience and forebearance and interest in me, and am pleased
to reciprocate however I can and whenever I may. 
To my former colleagues from Wells, I again confess my disappointment
that we were not able to meet this year, and that our exchanges on the
internet were at best generally unremarkable.  Those few that were not
(and vous knows which those were) may be all that comes from this
year's sudden engagement: I do of course hope not. 
It appears that the internet, in all its forms and uses,
will pave where my attention goes over the next few years,
Socially, and in matters of dreadful politics, I expect that
everywhere I go and whatever I do there will show up on
these pages.  The location of that portal
is selectively available on 
request; unfortunately I can no longer
longer simply post it here.
I have filled this poster with mostly fine art
(is it not) from the physical cards I have
actually sent, so I hope they may each
invoke for you my delight when I first
saw them.  Particularly inscrutable
may the the two in the upper right;
they are from Ella Geisman's
stationery, which I always like
to add to things. 
Please write, as you may
find the time.  I might
not be after all
this interesting
in person.
Joe D. - 2001 Counter
Here in the Tampa Bay area I have again arranged to cablecast our local Family Christmas Festival: I will try to make copies available, if anyone is interested. 
Other small print: for the technically inclined, and to encourage others to publish to the web (and hopefully not to spoil this message), I might mention that all you see here originates as an Excel 2000 worksheet. The gif'd graphics were processed thru Photoshop 5.0, the midi tune is 1quansa from the Scala collection, and the customary heading attached via Homesite 4.5 (ie definitely not 5.0). 
The standing figure is Eros, 1/2 of a 16th century painting at the Louvre: the tree at the end of his small (but strangely familiar)  anatomical pointer has been the object of some discussion.  Reminding us of a pear tree and the 12 days of Christmas, and following Marie's guidance, you may I hope find some interesting asides on this curious myth according to the following table.  (Selecting a link will bring up any sounds associated with it, so that will change as you move around.)
Drennon's Includes but doubts a popular urban myth about "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that first hit the net in 1995 via an article from Catholic Information Network (by Fr. Hal Stockert of Fishnetsite) that later withdrew its page …
catechism 1 It is said that the traditional Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was written as a secret teaching tool to instruct children in the meaning of the Christian faith …
catechism 2 The 12 Days of Christmas was written in England as one of the "catechism songs" to help young Catholics learn the basics of their faith.
PNC Advisors PITTSBURGH, Dec. 3, 2001 – PNC Advisors, a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, announced today that the cost of the goods and services named in the holiday classic, "The 12 Days of Christmas," has risen to $15,748 this year.
Emma 'Billy' Dawn This is Melanie Griffith's character in Born Yesterday (1993), who has items on the tree recall the structure and provisions of the US Bill of Rights.  Sorry, I do not have the actual lyric: but I invite us all to look for the replays.  I think this is probably the tune's real origin, and time has folded back on itself.