Wells High School: correspondance ...

Wednesday April 24th, 2001

Wells Community Academy
936 N Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Mrs Carmen C Martinez, Principal:

My name has been Joe Daurril for a time now, but when I attended Harvey Wells from 1951 thru 1955 I was known (and am in your records) as Joe Johnson. Thru all our efforts then I managed to win an Honor Entrance Scholarship to the University of Chicago, which was rescinded when I failed to graduate with my class in June. I graduated 2 months later, and did receive your diploma. For all that, I am trying this year to enjoy my first meeting and reunion with my colleagues.

I have started a website to promote a gathering later this year of 1955 alumni: please visit if you can www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/3848/wellsHS/ . I have heard that when approached in Chicago you are known to provide a group photocopy of the graduates from the Correlator pages, and would like to know what I may do to receive these in Tampa. ...

We could also use any current or legacy materials that we might copy onto the site telling about Wells, and any information you may care to post on how we all may best stay in contact with the school (perhaps websites or somewhere to email). Please enclose this note with any other archive materials pertaining to me. You may have been contacted in 1983 by Los Angeles authorities, in a matter that has long since been resolved. One of your nearly recently retired faculty and a former classmate of mine (Pat Joe Rogers) may even have something good to say about Johnson.

Today’s letter is similar to one I posted to your school secretary on April 3rd, to which there has been no reply. Also tried several times this afternoon to use the fax number shown below ((773) 534-7078)): no answer. I hope there is some avenue in the CPS where this correspondance may be well received. I hope, Mrs Martinez, that I may receive your assistance in finding it;


Joe Daurril (Johnson)
PO Box 2794
Tampa, FL 33601-2794

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