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From: "Chris Kowalski"
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 21:36:43 -0600
Subject: Delphi Forum

To all - please visit the Delphi forum for Wells and as she says below, 
sign in and out leave any kind of message to show some activity.  We 
were going strong with messages in our private emails.  Some of the 
previous discussions can be resurrected.  I can start if you will visit 
and check in just as you do at Classmates.  I can't link to Delphi from 
Classmates.  Joe linked to MSN from Classmates but I don't see any 
activity on his MSN page.  Delphi is a great forum center and has lots 
of other interesting discussions that you can go to.  If you find one, I 
can add it to the Favorite Forum drop down menu.  Let me know.  After 
all this work I don't want to lose momentum.  Indexing means people from 
the outside of our current group will be able to find us.  Delphi is a 
very popular site. The people there are great to work with and you can 
  start your own forum on another topic, ie collecting, hobbies, etc.  etc. 

I can't understand why Joe  didn't let us know about his plans. 
  Did I miss his email or did  he exclude me? For those of 
you  who are not indexed yet, here are some sneaky moves. I 
 don't know what the  criteria is for indexing but chances are the number 
of posts and/or the number of visits play a  part in it. .... It 
  wouldn't hurt to set up several accounts with  delphi (which you  can 
   delete later) and alternate visiting your  forum with the different 
 member names. Set up a special folder (make it read only  or private) and 
post 100 or so messages in there, one word messages should do it. This 
  should (no promises) help get you indexed. Good luck to 
all.  Setting up a special folder would be too time consuming for me.  

During the weekend of February 25th I posted the fifth acceptance to our 1955 alumni gathering. In an infrequent visit to the Decade's Delphi site, I saw that our new attendance had been noticed, and that we were commended for the music on our site. A few days later I received Chris' memo of the 27th, and have preceded it below with her memo of the 21st. It seems now there is a list of Invited Friends who have either Joined or Not Joined her site. Where earlier Bobbie and I were there, now we are not. In fact, no one but Marie is on both lists. 

On Thursday March 1st I attempted to contact Ramsey Lewis  (Wells 1953) while he was in the Tampa Bay area, and mentioned the reunions this year and the next. I also advised him to check ClassMates, and was later told that Kowalski had also just (coincidentally) found him. A month and a half later (Tuesday April 18th) Decadeville is all a-twitter to report Ramsey was talking (sign in as Guest) all about them on Chicago's WNUA , and might attend their meeting next year.   There was only momentary concern as to how he found them.  Marie accepted and denied credit in practically the same breath.  Good move, because in Decadeville any claim to a lack of originality (or denial of achievement) is routinely applauded - results are all that count.

From: "Chris Kowalski"
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 22:50:19 -0600

Hi Y'all!! So far 
you  are the only people form our group who have visited 
Delphi. I appreciate that but please start posting messages there. I did a 
search for Wells High School under education on  the Delphi home page 
and lo and behold Wells  forum appeared. There was also another link in 
the search results. This one took me to Classmates which still lacks messages due to the cost, I guess. Your friends are cheaper by the dozen.    
I hope JOE34378 is a friend.

      junie36  tdrudder BobbieWalton
        artjkz ShirlRudHels

From: "Chris Kowalski" Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 00:07:35 -0600 Subject: Delphi Wells Forum
The second group have been invited but have not yet joined. Please log on and join in the discussions. Some of you are not in either group as I wasn't sure of your interest. All on address list are welcome. 
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  Invited friends who have joined Wells High Chicago:
First=20 Name Last=20 Name Date=20 Invited Date=20 Joined Member=20 Name
Marie Zavoli 2/14/2001 2/18/2001 MARIE4084
Chuck Osleber 2/14/2001 2/14/2001 CHARLES3878
Theresa Bradshaw 2/14/2001 2/16/2001 tdrudder
June Karczewski 2/14/2001 2/15/2001 junie36
Gloria Makowski 2/14/2001 2/18/2001 GLORIA2485
Jim Yates 2/14/2001 2/17/2001 JIM24154
Art Steinke 2/14/2001 2/14/2001 artjkz
Dave Alimorong 2/14/2001 2/15/2001 DALIMORONG
Rosemarie Dalton 2/14/2001 2/22/2001 ROSEMARIE79

  Invited friends who = have not=20 yet joined Wells High Chicago:
First=20 Name Last=20 Name Date=20 Invited Resend=20 Invitation
Joan Dunn 2/25/2001 Re-send?
Jo Wolinski 2/25/2001 Re-send?
Dory Pannarale 2/25/2001 Re-send?
Bill Chomor 2/25/2001 Re-send?
Bob McBride 2/25/2001 Re-send?
Geri Cwik 2/25/2001 Re-send?
Ann Thomas 2/25/2001 Re-send?


Chris Kowalski
Wells HS 54


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