Wells High School: Easter Greetings

A special Easter greeting to my friends from the past: may the comfort and blessings of this holy season be with you now and forever.

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From: Joe J Daurril
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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 13:29:00 -0400
Subject: Easter Stuff
12:00 PM 4/22/01

I am writing this to everyone who wrote to me over the Easter holiday: who either noticed the Easter card posted at the entrance of the 1955 Wells alumni site, or who responded in any way to the Easter email I sent as a Classmates reunion contact. I would like to answer here some of the questions that came up, and ask some of my own. I have included Joe Spicuzza and Bobbie Clayton in this distribution as instrumental to that exchange. Also, please accept my apology for running late on my own response, but I like to begin each week with some at least token effort to obtain employment, and sometimes it takes longer. At least none of my friends have ever hesitated to let me know when it was my turn at bat.

First, thank you each for your visit and your comments on my Easter selection at the site. The art is from a painting by Caravaggio, which I chose for its drama and because I think I've actually seen it - probably at the Art Institute during a Vatican show, something like the tour featured on the El platform billboard in the movie Michael. I remember the painting large: the figures seemed at least life size. So I made it at least large for our small screens.

I would liked to have had a new picture up for Easter proper: He is after all no longer in the tomb (nor, as our Protestant sisters tell us, on the Cross). For those of us raised in Catholic liturgy, we know that in all of Holy Week, Easter day has the shortest services (ecclesially I suppose to move the crowds). But for the day itself there is little in serious art to represent it, because the idea is that there is nobody around. And I will not give you instead The Bunny. So we will probably just have to reserve our thoughts toward a more inclusive program next year.

I have come to be fascinated by the very different direction Delphi and I have each given to our Web sites, and our posted correspondence. Pop culture is fun, but then as now has almost mo meaning to me. In my last year at Wells I worked overnights at the Lake Shore Club, where my source of aural energy was Jay Andre's Music Till Dawn: otherwise the Fifties have to have been Pop's Dark Ages, and I deem myself lucky not to have been musically poisoned forever by them.

There is not a moment that I can recall where religion in any form was ever topical to us at Wells, during that great social experiment called growing up. Now I think, nearly 50 years later, that our telic concerns however inarticulate may be the principle definition of each of us. I hope as time goes on we may be less inhibited in that expression - ecumenically I hope.

Next, the Easter email. I guess I waited too long before trying to also send a card for the holiday. I found a good one, but couldn't figure how to get names from both 55 and 54 into the distribution. I later succeeded with a lesser version, which as your contact was able thru ClassMates to get to all of 1955. I couldn't get back on the Web (at high noon on Easter) to do 1954. There will probably be a complete reissue around Bastille Day.

So basically I tried to use a prepackaged meeting notice to just invite people to the site, and I am sure that was unnecessarily confusing. That notice did include (on its own initiative) a questionnaire, and the net result was 1 new Attendee, 1 switch to the new category called Undecided, plus 5 others in Undecided (all now posted). 11 were unanswered: I am particularly sorry I could not reach Barbara Goebel (or Jess Brodnax earlier), and am surprised not to hear at all from Yacullo or Stacey (on 1985's as well as next year's Decade committee) or even the erstwhile Mr Stunoff.

The Undecided list now (7:33 AM 4/19/01) looks like this:

RICHARD WHITE (4/16) "Need much more info then this! RW"

I propose Friday, September 14th (with its included weekend) as target date(s) for our Reunion. It is well clear of the Labor Day weekend, and after Back To School. We are all agreed it will happen in Chicago, and we even now kind of know who will be there. Yes, there are still local arrangements to be done, but that, Richard, seems to be "much more" than the Decade group (who started much earlier) knows.

I am pleased to hear, Norm, that you will join us. I do not know about Annette. She has not registered with ClassMates, and although Bobbie has discussed my correspondence with her (and it is all over the Internet), it appears that Annette is too preoccupied to respond. I cannot imagine any other approach to her that might not be considered intrusive, and really do not want this program to be any distraction to her. Clearly if she decides to attend, It would have had nothing to do with me.

I am glad, Lily, you and I have already had some conversation, and can look forward to more in person. Sorry to hear about your husband's demise. While it is you who have experienced an important loss, we would like to have at least met everyone when they were at their most together. (Was that a sentence?)

Marilyn, I had no idea that you started at Oak and Clark: isn't that where Henrotin is? And three years at Holy Name - so we were there together for a while. But then we each did what we had to do, and are now speaking from Wells.

Marie, I know your presence here will continue to be a beacon of encouragement to others in the Decade group, and am amazed that you are such a help to both groups. Cannot help but occasionally take a peek at your Delphi folk: if ever a group of similar souls had a better time together I do not know where. I could not be happier than to know you will all be together in 2001. I am sure those of us who want to rediscover each other will have figured that out by September: eye contact and a handshake then would also be something nice.

Giuseppe, thank you very much this Easter for John 14:27, and Amore. You might not have seen my card: it will be up for another week at www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/3848/wellsHS/.

Finally, the best part is that your endorsement of this Confession is no particular qualification for coming to this year's reunion. It looks pretty much as though we will this September will have to settle for quality over quantity, as attendance goes. Since this is a 50th anniversary year for 1951 graduates of our respective grammar schools, I am also going to invite (and they will be as surprised as you to hear of it) some folk from Holy Name's '51 class as well. We are still talking about people the same age from just about the same place. And you may have just as likely known some very interesting people in that space / time category. I wish you all would do the same: if there should be associations from grammar school (or other family) you would like us to know, please consider bringing them.

I hope the Reunion Event will not be our only opportunity for alumni contact: we have both traditional and other means to initiate and maintain our interest in each other, just begging to be used. Otherwise going to waste ...

Again, I appreciate ...

To: "JOE "
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 03:12:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: APPLICATION FROM oldgrayguy


i am trying to find an e-mail address for====
robert scaminaci
if your out there bob pls contact me or if anyone knows his address pls let me know
also looking for melvin surdel
richard welninski

As one oldgrayguy to another, I would truly like to rubberstamp your request. I started to write this before going to the internet, so I won't get hung up in composition while online. I say this now because you are the first I know of to apply for membership, and I say that because I am a member of several MSN communities whose content I do not read before I flush them (so I could has lost a few to join Wells HS Chicago). And as you may have noticed with the Easter notice, I don't necessarily get these things right the first time.

Unfortunately, even though MSN knew to send me your application, it no longer even sees me as a member (much less as an administrator) at the site. I suppose now that is true for all other sorts of community membership mail I get. I also have an MSN website out there that I can not longer author, so I might as well add this Wells Community to my list of orphans. All I could do is start another site with a similar name and try not to lose it, but I hesitate right now to do that.

I doubt your message would have received much attention at this particular time. My original intent for the site was to have an alternate place where we could post photos and biographies: I had not given much thought as to how it would operate as a message board., and that photo collection has not quite materialized. I did not restrict membership initially, but when the community first came up people came by who just wanted to push all the buttons particularly to advertise the Fab Ffties site over at www.delphi.com. You may also want to post your search request at the Lost & Found at the Delphi Forum: you can find directions to it at www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/3848/wellsHS/kowalski.html.

I will start a new Lost Not Found section seeded with your request at www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/3848/wellsHS/. If you should find Bob or Melvin, please find out what they are doing in September. Also be sure that I get your actual email address, so we need not go thru Classmates to talk to one another.

Best wishes, Joe Johnson
6:03 AM 4/23/01

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To: Joe Johnson
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 03:37:02 "GMT"
Subject: Easter2

Joe: I just reviewed the response page on your Easter2 page. Janet Campbell does not have a computer, believe it or not. The listing was put on Classmates by her Granddaughter. I can ask her if she plans to attend and forward her answer, if you wish. As far as Bob Stacey, he rarely uses his email, and currently, he is in Phoenix. I will see Bill and Bob on 5/ll, and request that they respond to your inquiry. I have not been able to contact Don Stunoff, although I had reached his son and asked him to forward a message to his Dad, Don has not returned the call. Are you only contacting people by e-mail?