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 2/2002:  I had previously offered - on selected pages - to make interesting (and perhaps otherwise unavailable due to "obsolescence" - aren't we all) software available.  Also make the background midi tunes downloadable, with links also to related websites.  Since the procedures, rules, cautions, etc need only be told once I thought I might do that all from one place.  Also, since I hae no indication that any viewer has actually done the exercise, I may have been talking to people who are just not up to it.  So I will make this page available only from the TOC, where those in the know expect to see the magic word.  

available now:

I found this version of Musmagic on a used drive I purchased years ago: you may want to use it to play midi files: it appears to be the 1995 edition of Midisoft MusicMagic.  MusicMagic is a powerful sequencer offering standard MIDI sequencing features, as well as an editable musical notation display.

The program contains three windows, or views that you use to play and edit songs.  The one you may find most interesting is the Score View.

This window displays your music in standard musical notation. As you play back a song, you can see the notes highlighted as they are sounding. You can also add, delete and edit notes and phrases from this window. In addition, there is a Toolbox  in the Score View window, containing a Selection tool, a Note Add tool, a Note Delete tool, a Cut tool, and a Paste tool.

<< jjd: download Musmagic.zip (600KB) >>  To get at the Musmagic files, you will need to unzip the package.  Software for that is available as a trial download from WinZip.