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Welcome to the 2002 edition of what began as a high school alumni reference site for my colleagues from the Harvey Wells (Chicago) class of 1955.  New visitors just directed here from my posting in ClassMates, or any of my 300+ visitors from last year, may go directly to what they either expected or usually saw here at 2001.  Visitors under redirection who may have bookmarked this site earlier need to do that again according to its present location, because it has moved twice.  This site is also newly arranged to bring some perhaps obscure 2001 page references into our adjoining table of contents for easy discovery or review.  Looking back now on their content, there is little wonder why some references are best aka "hyperlinks." 


The joy of new engagement is of course what our social life as human beings is all about.  Creating one of the two sites (Delphi being the other) now serving half the people I grew up with (the other unserved half being from Holy Name Grammar School) has and will probably continue to be a source of some delightful correspondence, and an opportunity to perhaps establish a presence in lives I had barely before touched.  I will continue to report that experience in a new page here called reflections. 


This site is now taking leave of the particular topics of interest to it last year, in favor of some possible growth into a general platform for information and internet services to the people demographically scheduled to graduate from high school in 1955.  This criterion telescopes back to those of us born in 1937, which I take then to be identically the same population, and therefore synonymous in any reference.  (Naturally, folk who chronologically slightly slop over earlier or later on the measure are also welcome: as some who might otherwise be perfectly qualified would (if I knew them well) be not.)  So when in the 40's we saw Margaret O'Brien (or then Natalie Wood) we were usually looking at the only person in the cast our age.  Or now it could be Dustin Hoffman, Bill Cosby, or Dyan Cannon: also Saddam Hussein or any number of sports figures.  There is good news this year from Social Security for those of us so fortunate as to have other income.


It is not only that as my short-term memory continues to deteriorate and incipient Altsheimer takes over I might personally need this site just to recall for the inquisitive what year I was born (specifically Friday August 6th 1937: also in 1945 when Little Boy was dropped).  Having located us as in 2002 as the 65-year olds, next we need to think about what we mean to the world just when everyone expects us to be leaving it (at least from their point of view).  One text that may affect those thoughts is Theodore Roszak's America the Wise: The Longevity Revolution and the True Wealth of Nations 98-21645 ISBN 0-395-85699-x.  My next effort on this site then will be to create some pages to tell you - in the author's own words - about his book. 


Before leaving this opening statement, I must also record some footprint to acknowledge the impact Delphi has had on all of us.  The Forum has shown itself to be a reliable tool even to the barely computer aware for the collection of public thought.  My colleagues over at Fab-Fifties, under particularly the inspiration of Chris Kowalski, have created a showcase in the diversity of legacy topics for forensic consideration.


Yet aside from setting up and maintaining my site (now one of about ten others), I have also developed an interest in that great collection of folk out there who likewise construct alumni websites.  I will therefore reserve some time to pursue some engagement with these associates as well.  And toward that purpose I have started the webring you see referenced below.




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