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Bienvenue à la source de Daurril pour des pages d'anciennes élèves de lycée de Johnson. Des mises à jour et la nouvelle information seront appliquées et sembler ici première, ainsi à la différence d'autres sites qui pourraient transformer vous des messages de chasse profonds en leur intérieur, nous avons le trésor à peine plus d'un déclic parti. Le rappel, bonne écriture récrit.*


L'école.  Formerly (in the fifties) called Harvey Wells Senior HS, it is now Wells Community Academy, at 936 N Ashland  in Chicago (60637).  Available  demographics and other CPS data suggest what my efforts to correspond (April 24th, 2001) confirm: that despite any current pretensions toward the premier education of we undeserving poor, Wells continues to be a CPS administrative backwater.  Now wholly unresponsive to conventional records expectations, there is no such thing for them as answering alumni mail.  Why should previous clients now receive more attention than when they were currently enrolled?


Many of us seem to have found our way to each other thru the recently much-advertised ClassMates site.  Simple registration is encouraged, which gets you on a class roster without any other viewing privilege (that is $29/a extra).  Click to see the current CM roster for 1954 or 1955 (once on the site, you may navigate to other years (or schools) from there).  I have included some links here to this alumni with non-trivial content.  These are Bobbie Clayton, Marie Scavone, et moiSeveral discussion groups have been initiated: Norm Kono's is especially recommended.

Reunions .  Plans are now in progress for an all-decade (50's) reunion the end of next year.  Some of the alumni from 1955 (Jan, Jun, & Aug) may prefer instead a smaller crowd sooner (we're not getting any younger).  Tentatively scheduled this year for the weekend of Friday September 14th in Chicago.  As however expectations may not always come to pass, reversals to some of mine at first required that I announce a separation between promoting this reunion and arranging for the care and feeding of it.  You are invited to read and advise me on the email I sent (6/9/01), and the response to it. I do thank you for the latter, both sent and those yet unsent. While I had hoped my inability to attend or to personally govern every detail would not materially affect that plan, I suppose it has.  On June 27th I emailed the 1955 component that this reunion circle then at Classmates was deletedSmaller and sooner has long since passed: aside from what is reported elsewhere, the only new intervening thing has been an interesting chat with Don Stunoff .

References.  I also might remind us that as Correlator years do not line up with the conventional academic year, January graduates may typically be shown in the wrong book.  So my initial contact on Sunday February 18th might not have included all the right people: I presume in time this will self-correct.  From among those delivered, I hope you may e-mail some (positive) response: any other bulletin or note I need to read should also be sent here.  Such other communication as I think worthy of general attention will be posted.  Any other bulletin board is no longer operational. 

For inspiration, Marie has sent me a photo to scan from the 1985 reunion.   As I have chosen to deal only with email, she has consented to be my interface to people without computers.  For they and I, their choice not to have a computer (or not to use it) is simply a policy issue, and this is my response to that: they are nontheless welcome (however they manage it) to whatever we are doing.

My plan may tentatively be called "Daurril," as having a better ring to it than "Johnson" (very bad press since Police Academy, although I have always felt somewhat responsible for it).  It may also be called 2001 An Alumni Odyssey .  Folk already on board for the cancelled reunion in 2001 were ...



Lost and Not Found:

please email this site if anyone knows where to find: 



Robert Scaminaci

Melvin Surdel






Attending (you knew them as):


Bobbie Clayton (left)


Marie Scavone (upper right)


Marilyn Collins


Caroline Tinoly


Norm Kono


Mary Lou Cividino (lower right)


Rosemary Francisco


Joe Johnson




Cannot Attend:


June Soska


Marianne Chappelle






Shirley Rudnicki

Reynold Pawlisz

Lily DeGuzman Serbia

Michael Volino

Richard Welninski

Richard White


I had emailed Mark Ruffin to invite Ramsey Lewis (Wells 1953) to either of the forthcoming reunions: nothing back.  We will no longer monitor the Kowalski plan, nor deal with a site that has classes of membership.  While we were blessed with some reference on 4/23, as of 12/14 there was none discernible to me at the Delphi site.  I should mention that she and I deliberately employ radically different strategies in the use of our computer resources.  I expect that people who know what computing is about will understand and approve my use of these: others with certainly my blessing might not.


Wells Correlators: .  Not many of us have these.  Two plans (or a plan and a half) were started to get some facimile of these distributed.  Whatever became of the ball in Art Steinke's court, we are not likely to see his results.  Recovery is now in progress with our true late-breaking benefactor and her alpha collection for June 1955, so it may not be long before you see the promised pics on our MSN site.  Also, Vigilance has prompted us change our (mandatory) link association there from "Personal" to "High Schools."

I have called Marie's Eisenstein picture set alpha, even though its scanned source is a copy of a copy of a halftone print.  Rather than go into some labor intensive slice and dice operation to create captioned individual photos now, I am presently offering thumbnail whole pages that at least may give us some idea of what we looked like in 1955.  Selected photos may also be used on this site, and I will do my best to follow any other suggestions.  What we have at the very least are some highly reusable templates if a more legible photo set should come along.  Please note we recently added a January 1955 set, from Marie's 1954 Correlator.

Technical data:  Images in the alpha set are formatted as 4-bit GIFs.  All Correlator pages except the last are a 5x3 matrix of thumbnails whose overall width is 200 pixels.  Individual alumni pics from this set are available upon request as email attaches.  These would also be 200 pixels wide, with proportionate length.





first person






















Extra Johnson!  Several folk have wondered what became of the earlier me known as johnson.  Public Daurril is abundantly recalled in my current resume, a more pesonnal interpretation will soon be available.


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